luigi tirino

artist & sculptorMAW-Luigi-Tirino

Born in Naples in 1967, ever since a child he has alternated his many talents between creative -technical drawing and music.
After graduating as a surveyor, he has worked in the family trade as a craftsman of wrought iron and other metals.
Iron and the multitude of forms it inspires,  the sounds of the machinery in the workshop and the underground atmosphere of the eighties, transport his art into a social context, the values of which are reflected in the need for space, symbols and new languages for self-expression.
The fusion of art and mechanics, the lightness and harmony of the metal sculptures, have become the distinctive element of his work.
The works of art of Luigi Tirino have been highly appreciated by the private sector, collectors and interior decorators and have been exhibited in national and international exhibitions.
Important works of art and exhibitions:

  • Personale presso ERES Design, Officina orafa di Flavio Toro – Napoli 2016
  • U-MANI in Forma- Personale presso la BPMed di Napoli – 2016
  • Fendi e Cuci – personale nell’ambito di Human Portraits – Napoli 2015
  • Napoli Expo Art Polis. Transiti d’arte contemporanea. PAN Napoli – 2015
  • NAF Napoli Arte Fiera – Mostra mercato nazionale di Arte moderna e contemporanea – Napoli 2015
  • Monument  in honor of  Augusto Perez, sculptor. Project: Arch. Eduardo Alamaro, created by Luigi Tirino – 2011
  • Personal exhibition at the Città della Scienza “Crafts and Knowledge” – works of art exhibited “Collection of Jewelry in Stainless Steel” and “The Woman’s Body”- 2011
  • “Artestesa” at the “Seminar of the Nobility”  – works of art exhibited: “The Lonely King”- 2010
  • “The Songs of the Sea” ” Travel Tales” – at the Stazione Marittima, Calata Porta di Massa” works of art exhibited “Without a Destination” – 2009
  • “CORROSION” – Personal exhibition of sculpture  – permanent exhibition at the Città della Scienza since 2007 (the sculptures are the only objects that survived a fire in March 2012 and have become the symbol of the revival of the Città della Scienza)
  • Triptyque of sculptures created in oxidized steel ad stainless steel.

·              Corrosion 1: The Mother
·              Corrosion 2: The Balance
·              Corrosion 3: The Clone
Tokyo “Embracing interactive Art” International Communicating Center – creation of 4 large interactive drums – 2001