marco puzzo

architect & designerMAW-Marco-Puzzo

Creativity is the leitmotiv of his professional activities.
In 2001 he founded with two other architects, Semidizucca, an architectural, design and creative studio and for ten years has undertaken a wide range of projects, from design to graphic art, to interior design.
Since 2011 he has alternated his collective activities of the studio with new individual professional projects
His passion for music and art have lead him to widen his expertise and specialize in the design of sets for shows, bringing him at the same time closer to the field of setting up exhibitions and temporary events.
He alternates his professional activities with teaching, collaborating with the Istituto Superiore di Design in Naples where he holds a course on Interior Architecture.
He is an expert in crafts and materials, as well as in software dedicated both to architecture and design, which he holds as indispensable instruments for contemporary design.
He lives and works in Italy, between Naples and Rome