MENATWORK is a complex exhibition/project, integrating a photographic project developed by Marco Puzzo – architect and designer, with a sculptural project, developed by Luigi Tirino – artist and sculptor and a sound project developed by both.


The theme is work in all its shades and variables.

The three fundamental projects of the exhibition are in continuous evolution:  the photographic project is enriched each day with new photos, while the sculptural project defines a family of sculptures in continuous development, with the sound project which grows in parallel with the other two.


For each exhibition/event, hope which is a further theme of MENAWORK – is represented by a garden of 48 flowers/letters, that compose the first part of the 1st article of the Italian Constitution which recites: Italy is a democratic republic founded on work. These 48 objects are created ad hoc for each event and are unique pieces, handmade by the two artists, using a mixture of techniques.
For the event in Naples in May 2013, the flowers/letters were made in steel with the decoupage technique, covered with newspaper clippings, where the themes of the exhibition were highlighted: work, crises, strikes, sudden deaths, etc.


Each event furthermore, envisages the prior involvement of the public through the collection of phrases, ideas, mottos and quotations on work.   The entire collection of phrases, or rather all the contributions are mounted in a video that is continuously projected during the exhibition thus becoming itself an important element of the set-up.


In summary MENATWORK has been conceived of as a traveling exhibition, a project/format that can be re-proposed in different locations. The themes remain the same, but the projects become enriched: new sculptures and new photos are exhibited, with a new and different public and the growth of a new garden of fresh flowers.

To stage MENATWORK, a fairly large space is necessary, but with:

  • the possibility to darken the area
  • a versatile lighting system for photographs and sculptures
  • a sound system
  • a system for wall projection.